Mr Robot

reel of my guest star work as DJ on the hit show Mr Robot on USA networks

Jas Anderson Interview

frp live interview

Jas Anderson Reel 2016

A medley of Jas Andersons work, his range of characters is refreshing!

Clip from Law and Order

Die Enormous

New project I'm attached to. Shooting to begin middle of 2014. A modern-urban remix of Apocalypse Now, inspired by the US governments $2 million bounty on political exile, Assata Shakur.


For Colored Boys Redemption

The Tombs

A Brooklyn man's three-day journey through New York's infamous central booking jail system, famously known as The Tombs.

Future Icons - Jas Anderson

Host Andrea LaTrell interviews Jas Anderson, actor from the movies Brooklyn's Finest and the upcoming film, Officer Down. and